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The Xbox prices have really come down since the Microsoft Xbox launch in 2005. But if you are a gamer, you have probably thought it would be more cost effective to just download Xbox games. You have probably also wondered what are the risks and benefits of downloaded Xbox games.

Many gamers have turned to the internet for their Xbox 360 games. However, before you begin to download Xbox games, there are some things you should know.

In order to play games that you have downloaded from the internet, your Xbox console must undergo certain physical modifications. The Xbox must be able to accept and play the downloaded games. This means that if you physically modify your console, you will break the warranty with Microsoft which specifically prohibits physical modifications of the console. So, if anything was to go wrong with the modification and the console fails in the process, you will be left with a non-functional console to take nowhere.

Before you begin to download Xbox games and start playing them, consider also the expense you are going to have. The mod kits that are used in the process are usually very expensive to use. Furthermore, you have to know the type of drive that your Xbox has. Even after you have done the modification successfully, every time you connect to Xbox LIVE online, you run the risk of being identified. Microsoft is known to ban consoles that have been modified. This means that if you download Xbox games, you may not only fail to play them online with others, but you will not go live at all even with your other genuine games. Your Xbox console will be locked out of online play forever.

In your quest to find and download Xbox games, you will likely come across a number of websites that offer free game downloads, for a small fee of course. You really have to be careful, since some of these sites are scams that offer no games at all. They may sometimes require that you download certain software that connects you to other network players to share games. Unfortunately, there is no way to be sure if this is a scam or not. If you download Xbox games, you also run the risk of being hit by a virus or a Trojan which can cause irreversible damage to your system.

With Xbox games, you can never be too sure what is genuine or not, what is safe and what is not. Some websites are known to deliver while others are also known to be scams that perpetrate the spread of malware. So before you download Xbox games, weigh your options and see if it worth the risk. Consider other options to downloading Xbox video games before you just jump in.