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Microsoft XBox 360 Cracks All Records



In 2005, the Microsoft Xbox 360 was the fourth most searched for item on the Internet and the number one sell-out console on EBay (where it was selling and being auctioned off for prices as high as $5,000 for the new $400 console, says WebPro News’ technology and business writer Jason L. Miller). It is now fought over, dreamed of, and considered to be a steal for a premium wholesaler. It is the Microsoft Xbox 360 console.

After launch, the Microsoft
Xbox 360 live cracks all the records and is second to none in 2006. In 2005, it didn’t even hit the markets in time for Christmas shoppers. It forfeited its number one status to the ever-popular Sony PlayStation, reports Miller. If you could take the power and flexibility of a dedicated computer-gaming system and combine it with the easy-to-use, instant-on format of a high-end console system, what would you have? Well, if you also add in DVD playback ability and broadband Internet connectivity, you get the Xbox.

The advanced components inside Xbox make it the undisputed powerhouse among current game consoles. A 733 MHz Intel main processor and 233 MHz graphics processor from industry leader nVidia deliver photo-realistic graphics in real time. A cavernous hard drive stores saved games and characters, making flimsy memory sticks obsolete. The Xbox 360 oblivion cheats and hints will amaze even the expert at simulation and role playing. The built-in Ethernet port enables super-fast multiplayer online gaming over a broadband Internet connection for the mother of all video games online. Four game-controller ports allow you and three of your friends to play at the same time, or you can use them for other peripherals such as gamepads, light guns, voice-activated headsets, and more.

What other video game system can offer incredibly form-fitting, accurate and easy to install Xbox 360 skins and decal designs available in face-only or as a complete Xbox 360 skins design kit.

The Xboxes have been so sought after, that shoppers fall for gimmicks that say they can actually get the Xbox 360 cheap or even get the Xbox 360 free!

When they first came out, Playstation video games had the same craze and attracted similar gimmicks where people thought they could get video games online for next to nothing.

The continued popularity of the Xbox 360 is confirmed when listings for the console as the first auction feature had a bid of $700, with a “BUY IT NOW” price of $800. The second one offered the same at the high bid at $575…and the warehouse had a stack of them. And the third listing had the Xbox 360 going for $1,300. You can actually rent Xbox games now which may be a more affordable option.

We are very fortunate to live in a culture where video games like the Microsoft Xbox 360 Live console with it's great graphics, cutting edge technology as entertainment, and video games online are limitless sources of pleasure and reward. Consumers have so many choices since the first video game console came on the market in the late 70's. Words like Xbox, Netflix for video games, GameCube, and PlayStation were never heard of. Today, we can rent Xbox games online, buy games just about everywhere, and wholesale Xbox 360's are common.